Let's Fly!

In September of 2023 Jordan LaFordan hosted a weeklong celebration of Star Trek: Discovery on Social Media (search for #CelebrateDisco2023) to commemorate the show's 6th anniversary. She put up trivia quizzes, encouraged positive conversation, had us show our Disco t-shirts, link to favourite fan art, fan fiction, fan videos, etc. We ended the week with a watch-along of the premier episodes "The Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars".

That made me want to re-watch the entire 4 seasons, as I had only watched it through once and did not remember a lot from the first two seasons. Other people wanted to join in as well. Together we agreed that 2 episodes per week are ok to do and I put it all in a schedule.

Ever since we started I put my thoughts for each episode in lists of bullet points. I started to post them all on my fediverse account. I since moved to another server and am continuing to post there.
Because I wanted to have all my thoughts in one place, away from another platform, I decided to also publish everything here on my website.

As I keep thinking about the episodes long after posting my initial thoughts, chances are that I will go back and edit the lists I post here. That very much aligns with the idea of digital gardens that I have read and written about before. I may add thoughts, change opinions, rephrase or even delete passages over time. The original will always be unchanged on my fedi account.

Podcast recommendations

I love listening to podcasts and my favourites are, of course, Star Trek podcasts. Especially after watching an episode of Trek I like to listen to other people discussing it. So I asked for positive Discovery podcasts in the fedi and got some great recommendations. I since switched servers, so if you want to add to the recommendations, please go to this post. The original conversation is linked there, but may not be readable anymore because the original server is no longer maintained.

Here's a list of my favourites, the ones I am currently listening to, in no particular order. In brackets the season, and episode if aplicable, of Disco they start at.

Note: Some podcasts start with Discovery, some have many episodes before they start talking about Discovery. Where possible I link to the Disovery episodes, or the beginning of the podcast. Also, some podcasts have a website, some don't. When they don't I link to podcastaddict.com, as that seems to be a neutral place to link to (instead of Spotify directly for example.)