Welcome to my Website!

Hello Friend, come in and take a look around.

I have a blog. I write about everything and nothing.

Read a bit about me and this website by clicking "About Me" in the nav bar.

I am human and therefore make mistakes. Be kind. If you find a mistake I'd be glad to hear from you. You can write me a message through one of my fediverse accounts (see About Me). I will however not tolerate rude messages and may block you in return.

General Updates

I updated the links page with links to Notepad++ and Neocities (which are what I use to make and host this website).

I also posted a new blog with a loooooong list of (almost) all the tings I've ever been interested in. That's it. Just the list.

I updated the links page with some more Star Trek related links and single other links like to friends' websites.

In the DISCO re-watch section I completed my notes for season 3 and added all of season 4. The schedule is updated with dates and episode titles for the upcomoing season 5.

I added a "Links" page. It's already long, but it will only become longer and longer in the future. I'm nowhere near to done.

I have also added a "Currently" section to the "About Me" page. I didn't want to make it a whole separate page as I don't want to add a lot to it. It's just a list with a few things I am into at the moment.

You'll now find a link to my Discovery re-watch in the nav bar above. I added more notes on Discovery episodes; season 2 is now complete.

A new blog post is... well, posted. This time I talk about how you can start a journal of any kind, even, and especially, if you always wanted to but never knew how.

Besides in the fediverse I can also be reached by e-mail now. You find the adress on the about me page as well as under each blog post from now on.

I am currently re-watching Star Trek: Discovery and made a section just for that. It's got a different colour scheme, but the design is the same as with this part of my website. --> Let's Fly!

I switched fediverse servers, therefore I updated my links on the about me page. You can now contact me through @theresmiling@ibe.social

You can now subscribe to my blog via rss. For now the link to the feed is only on all the blog pages. And here in this very update. I wanted to get it up, I worry about the actual position and design of these things later. It's also not looking as I want it to in my feedreader, but at least it's working for me. Please tell me if it is not for you!

I also updated the little intro text at the top.

I added my blog. This also means that I have a real nav bar now. I'm not finished with it at all though. There are some things I want to do but need to learn first. However, for now it's ok.

I will not update this section with every blog post I make. It is only for general site updates.

Fixed some typos and made external links open in a new tab instead of the current one.

Added a couple of links to the additional resources list on the about me page.

Complete re-design of the home page, as well as added an about me page.